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“Let’s get it going.”

We're a growing company with eyes on the future.

Farming is a business, and to succeed in business you have to have great employees, keep up with modern farming techniques, and not be afraid to invest in new technologies.

We believe this is what has made Glenn Heard Farms a continued success. Over the next 10 years, our plan is to continue growing while maintaining the excellence we have achieved so far.

2015 Georgia Peanut Tour - Glenn Heard Farms
Glenn Heard Farms Owner, Glenn Heard, interviewed about his sweet carrot crop.

Our Products


We grow hundreds of acres of carrots and contract them with the Fresha produce company in Morris, MN.


We presently grow 6000 acres of cotton each year. It's processed at Cloverleaf Gin, Inc.

Field Corn

One of our grain crops is field corn, this year we’ll harvest 2500 acres. Brinson Farm Supply markets and stores this crop, making it available in bulk quantities year round.

Grain Sorghum

One of our grain crops is grain sorghum. Brinson Farm Supply markets and stores this crop, making it available in bulk quantities year round.


We will harvest 5000 acres of peanuts, which for sale at American Peanut Growers Group LLC.

Sweet Corn

Our 2000 acre sweet corn crop comes in three different colors.


One of our grain crops is wheat, this year we’ll harvest 1000 acres.

cooperative profile

American Peanut Growers Group

The American Peanut Growers Group project was formed in 2001, to help sustain the peanut industry in our region. Funding for the project came from the growers’ private investments, state and federal grant/loan programs, and taxable revenue bonds.

Sweet Corn Co-Op

Sweet Corn Co-Op Inc. was established in 1991. We plant and harvest about 2000 acres of sweet corn from around May 25 thru July 15, and about 300 acres from Oct 1 thru Nov 15. We distribute to chain stores and distribution centers through Duda Farm Fresh Foods, Inc.

Future Relationships

Glenn Heard Farms is always open to the idea of partnerships and cooperatives with either individuals or other companies.

Cloverleaf Cotton Gin

Clover Leaf Gin Inc in Donalsonville, GA is a cotton gin co-op that was established in 1985.